Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Work Area!

Here's my small work table. This has been in my life for many years, too. Nothing like using what you have.

I originally had these drawers stacked, but I needed more surface room, so I set them next to each other. On the left one, is my container of white card stock, my scraps of printed paper, the bin of solids, and scraps of white (to the back). The right hand one has an organizing tote, courtesy of my daughter. Wonder if she's trying to tell me something? LOL

The actual stackers are filled with stamps, punches of all sorts, and one drawer of odds and ends, like small clothes pins, skewers, etc.

This 6' book case has more speciality paper in packages, glues, letters, magazines, catalogs, magnetic sheeting, cancelled postage stamps, photo corners, envelopes of all colors and sizes, folded cards, and packaged sets of cards/envelopes.

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