Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stickles Storage!

What you will need is 2 sheets of 7 ct. plastic canvas (a third sheet may be needed if you use the option mentioned below). You can use any color. If you have lots of it at home, it would be a great scrap project. Also, you will need the CD storage case above. I bought this one at Walmart for $3.
Cut 5 of these pieces (42 holes x 15 holes). Following the picture cut the "tracks."

Cut 4 of these (53 holes x 15 holes). Following the picture cut the "tracks."

Cut one of these (53 holes by 43 holes).

Place the large piece in the bottom of the container. I put this in because the bottom of the container is uneven with two ridges that run the length of the container. Then taking the narrow pieces, interlock them as shown in the picture.

Here is what the container looks like with the Stickles in the open areas. You might notice that some of my bottles are bigger than others. Those are Studio G that I got at Michaels.

In the bottom photo it shows that there is about a 2" gap between the "bottoms" of the bottles and the under side of the lid. Here is the option I mentioned above... You could cut a second 53 holes x 43 holes piece, and place it on top of the bottles. Then store plain glitter glue, loose glitter bottles, etc. in the open space.
The final product. I think this will make for easier storage and toting when I go to my next crop.