Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rock-A-Block Alternative

On the Gingerwood BB we were discussing the Rock-a-Blocks by Crafter's Companion, the pros and cons, the cost, where to get them.

I, too, wanted to know where to get them, and then I remembered that I had something that might work just as well. Now, I've had these for years, bought them on closeout. I don't know what they were called, but they were put out by Plaid, along with some very large stamps that adhered with cling. I sold all the stamps, and several of these stamp rockers some time ago, but saved two. Here are two pictures of one.

5" x 7" with a curved main base, and acrylic handle. There are grid lines on it, even angles, and 1/2" marks along the edges.

I tried it out last night with an acrylic stamp I got from Laundry Lines. This picture shows the results. And yes, the vintage look of the stamping, is accurate. The flower stamp is about 3" across.

So, if you have one of these in your closet, dig it out, or if you see one at a garage sale, grab it. They work great. I wouldn't use it for really small stamps, but those aren't the ones I have a problem with.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cannibalize Cards

I have received so many cards, and I don't have a place for them all, so I chose a select few for inspiration, and the remainder will be cannibalized. What does this mean? I will select elements to reuse, or complete card fronts to reuse. In this case, I'm mostly using the whole card front, and putting each on a new card front.

Just so you don't think I'm taking credit for any of this art, these are all going to the troops, to be reused, and none will be signed by me. I just can't see throwing any of these out, and not using them. Our local Operation Homefront coordinator, says that the packages of cards (4-6 per package) that I gave before, were snapped up by family to be added to the goodie boxes sent to their family members in the service.

I'm not including pics with this, as I don't want anyone to feel I didn't like their card, as I loved them all. But I want to share the love I received in these cards with others.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Entering My Room!

This is the long view of my room from the doorway. My room is only 10' x 12', so as the organizing experts say, "if you can't add out, go up." The table on the right is actually two waterbed boxes (4 drawers each) that DH constructed when everyone seemed to have a waterbed (including us). Moving from a newer apartment to an older home proved that older ceilings can't handle the weight of all that water. It enlarged a crack in our mainfloor living room ceiling.

I have two 7 drawer stackers that hold lots of odds and ends for various projects. No other place for it. The container on top holds rolls of ribbon. My Cricut has the honor of sitting on an antique table (see Feb. 5, 2009 entry).

This table has a 6' base with the drawer boxes mentioned above, but an 8' top. Wonderful for working on bigger projects. Here, I am storing my lightbox, two containers of brass stencils, book of stencil pics so I don't buy duplicates, and the white cubes hold my Stampin-' Up sets, and several other odd items.

Here's another project my DH made, a cassette case, again when they were more popular. It now houses my ink pads.

The white pronged stand (a find when the local Hallmark closed) sits on a lazy susan, and houses lots of my embellishments, sorted into categories. Behind that, and not easily seen, is a spice rack someone was throwing out, and I snagged it for my embossing powders, glitter & chalk.

Paper (& stamp) Storage!

This 6' bookcase houses lots of glue, clear stamps, buttons, beads, and paper of various kinds.

The left paper rack I got from Ben Franklin when it closed. I checked to make sure the paper fit before purchasing. Each slot has two shades of paper.
The right hand one came from a local stamp store. They were re-vamping their paper displays. Couldn't pass it up. The paper is categorized similar to my stamps.

The black stacker stores specialty paper, like metallics, corrugated, mulberry, etc. On top I have a basket of acrylic blocks, and my little paper cutter.

Major Stamp Storage!

Here I have three Sterlite sweater drawers from Walmart. Each holds CD cases full of unmounted stamps. Categories in my room pretty much coordinate from one thing to another: birthday, Christmas, get well, etc.

Here is an inside view of one of the drawers. Someone asked what the divider is in these drawers. I used a plastic shoe box, but card board would work, too.

My Work Area!

Here's my small work table. This has been in my life for many years, too. Nothing like using what you have.

I originally had these drawers stacked, but I needed more surface room, so I set them next to each other. On the left one, is my container of white card stock, my scraps of printed paper, the bin of solids, and scraps of white (to the back). The right hand one has an organizing tote, courtesy of my daughter. Wonder if she's trying to tell me something? LOL

The actual stackers are filled with stamps, punches of all sorts, and one drawer of odds and ends, like small clothes pins, skewers, etc.

This 6' book case has more speciality paper in packages, glues, letters, magazines, catalogs, magnetic sheeting, cancelled postage stamps, photo corners, envelopes of all colors and sizes, folded cards, and packaged sets of cards/envelopes.

Bulletin Board on Wheels!

DH made this for me. Our church was giving away room dividers that they no longer used. One was this beige colored one. I brought it home and asked him to put wheels on it. One side I store lots of embellishments, and on the other side I store "nothing." Sometimes I can't decide whether something is "done" or not, so I put it in a plastic baggie, and hang it there for a few days. Then I go back and see if it needs anything or if it is truly "done."

Armoire Storage!

We had this armoire outside our bedroom for a couple years, and decided we weren't using it, so I moved it into my room. On top I have stored flower petals, raffia, stickers, a box of pre-inked stamps, chipboard pieces and alphabets, plus some odd items. Right along the front is a stack of "long" mica paper.

Top shelf houses, pre-stamped pics, and sentiments, paper piercing supplies, Whispers inks, mini sewing machine, blow pens, and my Nesties (in pink basket)

Left: ALL my peg stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, Sunday International (self indexed), Stamps by Judith, and See D's. Plus the odd assortment of peg stamps from various companies. Also, my ink cubes.
Right: Embellishments, embellishments, embellishments.

Left: Still a work in progress. Some wood mounted stamps I use with the peg stamps, a bit of ephemera, and in the back, long strips of mica paper.
Right: Ribbons, fibers, and bigger ephemera.

Chest #1

This chest houses my Cuttlebug and three bins of embossing folders and dies. The chest sits in front of the closet door, which my husband asked me about. The only things in there are seasonal decorations, baskets, and a couple on-going projects, so I'm not in there much. Also, this chest has wheels on the bottom, when the time comes that I do need to be in the closet.

There are two drawers of dry embossing supplies, including the Fiskars Big Boss (I think that's what it's called).

My Cricut cartridges, cheat sheets, tools & instructions have a home in one drawer.

The Coluzzle with accessories gets a drawer, and the last drawer is full of storage options.

Chest #2

The second chest houses 4 drawers of Sizzix dies, and alphabets. On top is the Big Kick and original Sizzix, and all my embossing folders. I just realized that my Side Kick isn't there, but I'm sure it will show up. LOL Update: Found the Side Kick, it's now in the bottom drawer.