Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cannibalize Cards

I have received so many cards, and I don't have a place for them all, so I chose a select few for inspiration, and the remainder will be cannibalized. What does this mean? I will select elements to reuse, or complete card fronts to reuse. In this case, I'm mostly using the whole card front, and putting each on a new card front.

Just so you don't think I'm taking credit for any of this art, these are all going to the troops, to be reused, and none will be signed by me. I just can't see throwing any of these out, and not using them. Our local Operation Homefront coordinator, says that the packages of cards (4-6 per package) that I gave before, were snapped up by family to be added to the goodie boxes sent to their family members in the service.

I'm not including pics with this, as I don't want anyone to feel I didn't like their card, as I loved them all. But I want to share the love I received in these cards with others.

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