Sunday, March 1, 2009

Entering My Room!

This is the long view of my room from the doorway. My room is only 10' x 12', so as the organizing experts say, "if you can't add out, go up." The table on the right is actually two waterbed boxes (4 drawers each) that DH constructed when everyone seemed to have a waterbed (including us). Moving from a newer apartment to an older home proved that older ceilings can't handle the weight of all that water. It enlarged a crack in our mainfloor living room ceiling.

I have two 7 drawer stackers that hold lots of odds and ends for various projects. No other place for it. The container on top holds rolls of ribbon. My Cricut has the honor of sitting on an antique table (see Feb. 5, 2009 entry).

This table has a 6' base with the drawer boxes mentioned above, but an 8' top. Wonderful for working on bigger projects. Here, I am storing my lightbox, two containers of brass stencils, book of stencil pics so I don't buy duplicates, and the white cubes hold my Stampin-' Up sets, and several other odd items.

Here's another project my DH made, a cassette case, again when they were more popular. It now houses my ink pads.

The white pronged stand (a find when the local Hallmark closed) sits on a lazy susan, and houses lots of my embellishments, sorted into categories. Behind that, and not easily seen, is a spice rack someone was throwing out, and I snagged it for my embossing powders, glitter & chalk.

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Stampin_melissa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your organization in your craft room! I love to see what others have done!