Thursday, February 5, 2009

Antique Table?

My DH's aunt passed away in 2006 and we "inherited" whatever we wanted from her house. It's hard to pick out things you want, when you have a houseful of your own. ((sigh)) We selected several things, among them was this table, and another that was a 1/2 version, but same style. Many of the pieces, including the tables, were very dry, with not much varnish left. There was an obvious inlay pattern on the top, but not in good enough condition to save. We saw that they had potential but didn't want to have to totally refinish them. I suggested we spray paint them glossy black. We took this table outside and sprayed it two or three times, to get the coverage we wanted. Now it is in my craft room holding my Cricut.

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becs said...

Oh I LOVE your table! I have my mother in laws dining room set, and it's a maple color; not my style. (Looks like Aunt Bea's furniture, EXACTLY, off the show!) But when I suggested we "paint it black", the whole family looked at me like I'd just stuck kittens in a gunnysack and took 'em down to the pond or somethin'.
Nice blog too.