Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ribbon Storage!

Some months back we (Gingerwood board) had a discussion on storing ribbon rolls (by the date on these pictures it's been over a year). I was at a loss as to how I wanted to do this for my collection. Sometime after this discussion I ordered corsages for new members at our church, and the florist put them into a clear bouquet box. I got to thinking about how this would be great storage for the ribbon rolls. It snaps shut and also stacks. So here are a couple of pics showing one of my boxes of ribbon (I'm at three right now, with an empty one on hand for expansion). I think there are between 30-40 rolls in this one. Depending upon your area they average 50 cents to $2 each for the boxes at your local florist.

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15minL8 said...

Another idea is ribbon ring. Take a look at the pictures at I hang my ribbon on a coat rack in my scrap area. I like seeing all of my ribbon at once!