Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so happy today. I finally figured out how to download the pictures from my digital camera to my computer. Now I can take pics of my current projects and you'll be able to see more detail. :) Watch for more pics to come.

Last night I had what some call a light bulb moment or a "duh" moment! "Rubber stamping will never be my primary happiness in paper crafts (although I do enjoy peg stamping). I seem to enjoy paper piercing, and dry embossing (which both work well with stamping) more than creating a card that is primarily stamped. Should I feel bad about this? I'm not sure. It kind of leaves an empty spot, but it is also a relief, in a way. Why am I telling you this? I'm not sure. Just being honest I guess. I've been so frustrated with what I can't achieve, and that makes me feel bad. I suppose I should stay with what I do well, and try to work at what needs help. I'm not giving up stamping, but it definitely won't be # 1 in my paper crafting life."

All day I've had this relieved feeling about my paper crafts, like a creative stone is off my shoulders. Now unto "my" kind of creating!

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