Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today is Heather's Flip Flop Birthday

Last January I began to think about Heather's birthday, which is today! Her 25th! We wanted to do something special, and something fun. So I made it known to friends on the "net" that I was looking for all things flip flop. They also knew she does scrapbooking. You have to realize that this girl would wear flip flops 24/7/365 if we didn't live in Wisconsin. :)

Several people sent scrapbook paper, stickers, rubber stamps, a note pad, erasers, one even sent a mini scrapbook made from a pair of flip flops (left side - pink), and another stamped off sheets of flip flop images (center).

I found the scrapbook at Addicted to Rubber stamps, and bought it when they had a 40% off one item, and free shipping. Found the flip flop tub decorations at Walmart, and found some odds and ends in closeout bins.

There are clear stamps (and a mini ink pad, not shown), Jolee stickers, chipboard shapes, a wooden pair of flip flops (right side), and sequin flip flop decorations for her shoes. All I know is that this has been a fun. The picture shows everything that was collected. When she opens it I'll get some pictures and add them later.

Thanks all for making this a special birthday!

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