Friday, May 23, 2008

Pen / Pencil Storage

We were discussing, on Gingerwood, that Office Depot had a specific cube container with an "x" divider that would be great for pencils. I checked at my Office Depot, and they had only the plain boxes. I considered getting a couple, and realized my way of storing pen/pencils works for me, so why change it.

Several (probably 10) years ago I was at Sam's Club, and they were selling 10 various sized floral hat boxes in a set. I pondered what I would do with them after purchase, but several have been put to good use in my craft room. This one is 8-9" across. I put empty pill bottles (and who doesn't have them) into the box, and added my pens/pencils. They fit nicely in and between the bottles, and is decorative to boot. The items that don't fit in here, are in a lazy-susan type pencil holder.
Hope this gives you some inspiration.

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